Food + Beverage Innovations has developed the first fully automated gelatin making machine, Jevo, launching in 2015. BUT, it’s about more than just gelatin and edible cocktails for us, its really about providing solutions that eliminate the manual process of making gelatin through innovation in our products, processes and technologies. Which means a HUGE market opportunity for us. Think about Jevo with vitamins & supplements for the fitness space, healthcare and even for the home! Now you get it! We’re going BIG!

We encourage innovative thinking, CRAZY IDEAS and collaboration! Are you a creative person who wants to revolutionize gelatin making? Are you looking for an opportunity to mold and grow a company, brand and product from its inception into a huge global success?

At Food + Beverage Innovations you will have the opportunity to work alongside our team of proven entrepreneurs and dynamic employees who are excited about launching and growing Jevo into a global success. We are, at the core, an innovative startup of risk-takers, creative thinkers, and collaborators.


We are located in Portland, Oregon with easy access to the Bridgeport Mall, restaurants, and more. And inside our office you’ll find a ping pong table, collaborative work spaces, a fresh pot of coffee and a fridge full of Jevo gelatin shots



Be a part of the Jevolution!